About Us

As a family we have lived in Liphook for 28 years - Owners Lucy & Michael have grown up in the village together and attended the local schools. Together with Co-owner Sarah of Liphook Art and Framing and family - (parents and grandparents!) - we set out to grab this empty, sorry looking premises, formerly Carla's dress shop, in early 2016 which is when the idea was born. 


We offer a comfortable, calm, tranquil atmosphere but with the hustle and bustle of village life and of course great coffee and consumables.


We work with Ferraris Coffee roasters in order to supply superb quality coffee for that caffeine fix. Our cakes are baked fresh to order and we like to jazz up the flavours! You will always come across something a little different with us. 


We love anything to do with the glorious sunshine, the ocean and beaches therefore a lot of our style and merchandise reflects this side of us. One of our favourite places, where we spend a lot of time as a family is in the beautiful area of North Devon. We love it, the dogs love it and you can surf most days! - what more could you want...!? We really hope you enjoy our shop as much as we do and look forward to welcoming you soon. 

Love all the L&S family x


Our Mission

We LOVE sourcing merchandise and items which you might not find elsewhere - especially not within the surrounding areas. You'll find quirky items, colour pop, unusual and fun homeware and gifts alongside (obviously) beach and ocean inspired items and a great array of greetings cards and notelets.


We have chosen to work with Ferraris Coffee roasters, not only because they roast some of the finest coffee beans in the world but they focus on ethical sourcing of speciality coffee combined with sustainable environmental practices. They source many of their coffees directly from producers around the world with a specific focus on true direct relationships with the farmers themselves in Rwanda and Costa Rica. Not to mention they roast all their coffee on a loring  S35 low emissions roaster. For us, that was exactly what we wanted - as close to the farms as we could get.

Regarding Tea, we couldn't pass by the opportunity to work with The Good & Proper Tea Company. Good & Proper Tea is a speciality independent tea supplier based in London, offering a wide variety of premium quality, award-winning loose leaf teas and tea bags. Whether you’re loyal to a traditional breakfast brew or want to experience something new, their mission is simply to show the world how good tea can be, when it’s done right. All of their teas are responsibly sourced from around the world, we then focus on the brewing to ensure every cup tastes just as it should.

Where possible we have tried to become completely plastic free - we stock glass bottles, use biodegradable and compostable take away cups and lids, compostable packaging and straws and work with many independent suppliers who care about the environment as much as we do. 

We have sourced the finest independent Vegan bakers and Gluten Free bakers to work alongside us and supply some of the best home baked goods we have ever tasted! We aim to be able to offer something for everyone.

We really hope you enjoy browsing our selection of gifts and get to spend a moment enjoying a fab coffee or tea, cake and more when you pop in 'for that little something'...